Kaushiki Chakraborty

Indian Classical Vocalist

Thank you so much to Manmohini Events for giving us the opportunity to come to Australia and perform in the best city of the world. we really enjoyed the concert with fantastic audience. The auditorium and the sound was so good. Singing in a country and in a city for the first time is always special and exciting and when you have such fantastic audience and hosts it makes it really really special. .Thank you so much, we all had a great time

Rahul Deshpande

Indian Classical Vocalist

It was my pleasure Mangirish to perform in Melbourne after 12 years. I am very thankful to you and your team for inviting me for a Live Concert in Melbourne. We all enjoyed a lot and I meant everything I said. You have a wonderful and a loving team. Khoop motha ho-

Raj Singlemaltwala

associate manager, greensoft technologies

Great efforts Manmohini Events Mangirish and Mohini for such an enthralling concert. Thanks #Kaushiki for transporting us in the mystical world of music. it is very clear your music is your sadhana and your performance had a power of transformation. It was so intoxicating; such an ultimate wine that we dissolved deeply into pure awareness of sounds, and anything that has sound has Shakti... Looking forward for more good Concerts

Chondryma Chakrobortti

Community Ambassador

You created a history Mangirish Bordawekar Ji for having a crowd of 600+ in Melbourne enjoy the golden voice of the century... many congratulations to you and proud to be associated!

Apurbo Hasan

It was a wonderful program. Very well maintained. Very good sound system... ticket price was reasonable...you and others were respectful to everyone. I am a Bangladeshi and was always a fan of hers...I’m so happy Mangirish.... mate,all credit goes to you. 10/10 from me and keep it up... we’ll support your good work.. thanks again

Aisharya C Chowdhary

Data Scientist at RACV

It was a magical and phenomenal evening. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to watch and listen the best classical music and if could learn something. Many thanks and congratulations to Mohini Mangirish Bordewawekar, Mangirish Ji and the whole team. Looking forward to many more!

Shubhada Gokhale

Enjoyed all three programs 1)Mahesh Kale 2)Rahul Deshapande 3) Kaushiki Very well organised. Waiting for more such a Treat, right here in Melbourne. Thanks Mangirish and your Team...

Brijesh Gujrathi

Congratulations Manmohini events for organising a magical evening with Kaushiki Chakraborty and team. It has been a memorable evening to carry in your heart for lifelong. Certainly looking forward to many more such events in future.

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